How can we help you?

How can we help you?

We offer the IT Consulting for the following DataFlex related services

Application Fitness Assessment

Are your applications easy to modify, well documented and cheap to run? An Application Fitness Assessment can give Management the information required to make strategic decisions regarding Modernization and extension of the Application Life Cycle.

Your application (extension) in the cloud

Create an application add-on for clients or staff to review and/or enter information from their Smartphone or Tablet direct into your database using DataFlex technology.

Legacy Systems

Open-up and interact with your legacy core application. Extend your application’s life by new DataFlex reporting, windows and/or cloud extensions, working in conjunction with your legacy DataFlex system.

Business health and forecasting

Create a dashboard that gives you an overview of your company’s health in one glance. Make this dashboard available in your Microsoft Outlook start page, your application, Intranet or on your iPad.

Agile Project Management

Do you require large changes to your system, requiring multiple (remote) developers? Contact us to Manage this project for you following Agile Software Development principles, for quick return of investment.

Additional reporting

Do you require data from your system to assist in better decision making? Where you require transaction reports, management reports or automated emailed reports, we can assist you with a solution.

Migration to SQL

We can assist you to successfully migrate your DataFlex embedded database to an SQL database system.

Co-development and/or code review

Does your application maintenance benefit from co-development and/or code review?

Source code and reports version control

We can assist you with version control that assists with team development, accountability and secure storage of the latest source code on secure private remote source code servers.

DataFlex Developer Training

We offer personalized Skype remote training in SQL, Reporting, Data Dictionaries or Web Development including the latest Mobile/Touch extension.